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A house is an empty building. A home contains objects and spirit and style. An interior is a series of interplaying elements that both reflect the philosophy of the inhabitant as well as the original designer or architect of the exterior structure. Functionality, circulation, warmth and depth can resonate in one’s environment. The truly inspired interior is at once casual and formal, functional and elegant. Texture and color are integral elements in the unified interior. Space and form can be meditative to reflect on, but must accommodate the flow of everyday life. A perfect interior adds incalculable value to the quality of one’s life.


1985: Born in Charleroi

2008: Freelance for Francis Barberis architecture, Brussels Belgium

2009: Freelance for Axia architecture, Brussels Belgium

2010: Freelance for Zoom Architecture, Brussels Belgium

2010-2012: Collaboration with Zoom architecture, Brussels Belgium

2012: Opening of her own design studio in Charleroi, Belgium

2013: Freelance for Mia Zia, Art Direction, Brussels Belgium

Art Direction


2011: Rack store café, Restaurant, Gosselies, 110 m2

2012: Tess, Boutique, Charleroi, 350 m2

2012: Upside, Concept store, Liège, 4500 m2

2013: Private house , Residential, Mont-sur-marchienne, 380 m2

2014: Remy house, Residential, Ham-sur-heure, 280m²

2015: Difilippo house, Residential, Marcinelle, 350 m²

2015: Vangoethem house, Residential, Bonlez, 210 m²

2015: Ginion Group, open space, Wavre, 600 m²


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